Tiger Computers Terms and Conditions

Our Warranty only covers equipment purchased from Tiger Computers.

Standard Warranty on Tiger Computers Scarborough's refurbished equipment is 30 days for any purchases(single items) up to and including £149 and 60 days for anything over £149. This can be extended up to 12 months (at an extra cost of 30% of the purchase price) from the date of purchase. This is a return to base warranty and the customer is responsible for the cost of return.

Standard Warranty on new equipment is 1 year from date of purchase. The customer is responsible for cost of returning the goods to where the warranty is held.

Warranty covers 100% Parts and Labour up to the purchase price of the equipment.

The warranty does not cover physical damage or misuse by the customer. This includes MALWARE/VIRUS software installation. The laptop can be returned but ANY rogue software which is causing the machine to not run as intended will be charged an MOT price to remove this.

If  warranty repairs exceed the current value of the laptop, then the unit will be replaced.

Any faults must be confirmed as a fault and be seen by a member of service staff at Tiger Computers Scarborough. In the unlikelihood that any fault is not evident when a computer/laptop is returned then the customer will be given sufficient time to try and replicate any fault for our service staff to witness.

If repair or replacement cannot be provided, then a refund will be issued for the current value of the laptop.

Any item returned with no faults can be refunded (at our discretion) however this can be subject to a deduction of up to 20% restocking charge as we have to clean the hard drive of the purchasers information. (this is more than just clicking delete as software is available to retrieve this information should a new purchaser desire to.)

Tiger Computers Scarborough are not responsible for any data that is lost due to failure of the product and we recommend regular data back ups. We have USB back up devices available to purchase.

Batteries are NOT included in warranty. (A failed battery will need to be notified within 14 days from the date of receiving the laptop and the buyer will be offered a battery at cost price which is normally around 70% of the retail price.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure your laptop is used on a hard flat surface so that air can circulate around the machine, to prevent over heating.

Your statutory rights are not affected by any of our warranty terms and your statutory rights if applicable are superceded by our terms and conditions.


All repairs may carry a labour cost for attempted repair even if a repair is not succesful. All secondhand repair parts are gauranteed for 30m days and any new parts for 12 months 




The most important rule: Switch off your laptop and unplug chargers when unattended for any length of time.

1. Make sure when your laptop is not on charge, or not in use, that it is turned off (not just left on standby) and only leave your chargers plugged in and switched on when you’re actually charging or using your laptop. Lithium Ion Batteries which are used in Laptops can fail after a period of time and may over heat, so do not leave your laptop charging unattended for too long.

2. When your laptop is unattended make sure the socket is switched off and ideally, your charger is unplugged. Laptops and chargers may get hot and cause the battery to overheat and in some cases catch fire.

3. We suggest that you regularly check that the laptop charger and battery is not getting hot and if so turn off at the wall plug and allow to cool down. This may be a sign that the battery and or charger needs replacing.


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